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What if you had better data insights?

Does analytics feel like a confusing maze of terms, concepts, and tools?

Do you feel like you have a lot of data but not a lot of information to make business decisions?

Do you secretly believe that data science is mostly hype?

We get it!

You’re not alone. A lot of people and a lot of companies feel exactly the same way. In fact even analytics experts feel this way some of the time.

Tools and platforms are constantly evolving making it very difficult to keep up. The amount of data produced and stored by companies is overwhelming and confusing, and many companies struggle with legacy systems that weren't designed to meet the demands of today's data needs and analytics.

That’s where we come in— at Ariel Analytics, we help you find your way through the data wilderness.



We understand the challenges

Ariel Analytics specializes in data analytics and strategy for business operations. We are very familiar with the unique challenges in these areas.

We Inform and Support Business Operations

We inform and support critical business decisions for a variety of operations functions and processes including finance (FP&A), client management, talent acquisition/management (people analytics), and product/service strategy.

WE IMPROVE Your USE OF Data + Reporting/BI + Analytics

We work with you to identify and make better use of data, improve your reporting and business intelligence, build quantitative/predictive models of complex business processes, and establish metrics.

We Enhance The analytics sKILLS + Knowledge of your Employees

Even better, we specialize in analytics upskilling so that your people can acquire these same skills.

We believe that companies have hidden talent and untapped potential and that with our guidance your employees can become the analytics unicorns you wish you could hire. They already have the business knowledge and the desire to learn new skills, let us take them the rest of the way.

Our goal is to use analytics to create greater transparency which leads to more robust business decisions so your company can reduce cost and increase revenue and margins.



We're here to help you navigate the data wilderness and get the data insights you need...


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